Current Listings

List Price $437,500

List Price $978,000

List Price $611,250

List Price $684,640

List Price $856,000

Hwy 81 160 - Pocasset

MLS ID: 1106362

List Price $450,000

45 acres - Pocasset

MLS ID: 1105174

List Price $168,300

11 Acres+/- * Minco

MLS ID: 1107607

List Price $236,250

17.5+/- Acres * Minco

MLS ID: 1108590

List Price $162,000

List Price $162,000

List Price $162,000

10 acres +/- * Minco

MLS ID: 1112971

List Price $300,000

Minco N. 40 CS 2790

MLS ID: 1105793

List Price $300,000

Minco S. 40 CS 2790

MLS ID: 1105808

List Price $87,750

5 Acre Tracts - Minco

MLS ID: 1105986 

List Price $360,000

Kingfisher 80

MLS ID: 1099939

List Price $30,000

List Price $30,000

List Price $464,270

List Price $2,500,000

List price $92,000 - PENDING

List Price $135,000 - PENDING
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